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Crane Skills Academy International (CST), a private college for tertiary education, was established by co-directors of Crane International Academy in 2014 to meet the employment needs of the community and provide high quality education to students in order to prepare them for a brighter future. In response to the demands of a changing workforce, CST’s services have since expanded to include all adults, youth, and business enterprises.

The Business Resource Center at CST will be opened in the near future as part of an effort to match workforce development with enterprise development. CST has earned state-wide recognition as a Training Institution with skilled staff able to deliver quality, customer- focused employment, training, and business resource services.Crane Skills Academy International is moving towards the future with a focus on strengthening partnerships within the community and across the Republic of South Africa. A Network of resources enables CST to provide activities to meet the demands of the modern workplace.


College students have more study options today than ever before. In a rapidly-evolving education industry College student increasingly need help and support.CST was established in 2014. The founders have long-standing and varied experience in the academic world and can offer unrivalled advice on the education industry. They are qualified to offer all aspects of Educational support.

Our existence is proof of a constantly changing education industry where CST identifies the needs of students and the demands of people, seeking to be a support and a solver of problems.
We are able to provide our unique service based on long experience and the dissemination of information within a global perspective, guiding full-time and work-based Learners through the problems and complications they may encounter on their educational journey.


Pursue Your Dreams with CST College’s National Diploma Policing E-Learning Course

national diploma policing

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Do you dream of a career in law enforcement, ensuring safety and security for all? Look no further! CST College offers an exceptional E-Learning course for National Diploma Policing, tailored for individuals like you who aspire to be the next generation of dedicated law enforcement professionals.

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